Server Requests and Routing

Before we dig into the nuts and bolts of Laravel, let's first zoom out and discuss what exactly happens when a request comes in. When I learned Laravel, I was trying to figure out how the framework's default splash page is loaded. Let's work through it together. Our first stop is `routes/web.php`.

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Views & Database Access

If you review the welcome view that ships with Laravel, it contains the full HTML structure all the way up to the doctype. This is fine for a demo page, but in real life, you'll instead reach for layout files.

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Forms & Validation

There are seven restful controller actions that you should become familiar with. In this episode, we'll review their names and when you would reach for them.

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Authentication & Register

Thanks to the third party package, Laravel UI, you can easily scaffold a full registration system that includes sign ups, session handling, password resets, email confirmations, and more. And the best part is you can knock out this tedious and common minutes. The easiest way to send an email in Laravel is with the Mail::raw() method. In this lesson, we'll learn how to submit a form, read a provided email address from the request, and then fire off an email to the person.

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Notifications & Emails

Here's a fun exercise. For this next notification channel, we'll choose one that I've personally never used: SMS messaging. As you'll see, even with no prior experience, it's still laughably simple to conditionally fire off text messages to the users of your application.

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Final Project

You've reached the final project for "Laravel Beginners." Great job making it this far! To put your skills to the test, our final task is to build a Facebook Timeline clone. We'll need to build the deisgn, posts creation, likes and comments.

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